NeSDA 2021 Citizen Survey

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National eGovernance Service Delivery Assessment (NeSDA) is an initiative by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) which will be used to assess and benchmark e-government development and public service delivery efficiency in India at a state/UT level. This assessment framework will be used as a benchmarking tool to evaluate common services provided to citizens (G2C), business users (G2B) and government (G2G) departments under focus sectors of Finance, Labour & Employment, Education, Social Welfare (including Health & Agriculture), Local Govt. & Utilities , Environment and Tourism of 36 States/ Union Territories (UTs). The overall goal of the study is to promote participation of all departments and ministries at state/UT and central level to adopt the e-government framework in their day-to-day functioning to reinforce Minimum Government and Maximum Governance.

Why Citizen Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gain insight on the citizens’ experience in availing e-services from their respective States/UTs. Accurate and relevant data from citizens and the meaningful analysis of the same will help States/UTs to chart a course for the future. The aim of the survey is to deploy the research findings in improving e-service delivery efficiency by sensitizing and promoting participation of all departments and ministries. The end goal is the adoption of the egovernment framework in their day-to-day functioning.

This survey would take 4-6 minutes (Approximately) to complete.

  • Your participation in this research study is voluntary.
  • The data collected is stored in a password protected electronic format.
  • Your survey responses will remain anonymous.
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Citizen Survey – Basic Details of Citizen

Citizen Survey – Basic Details of Citizen


Citizen Survey – Awareness of E-Governance Services

Citizen Survey – Usage of E-Governance Services

Citizen Survey – Citizen Services Questionnaire

From which State’s/UT’s online government portal have you availed an e-service from? *

Kindly tick/mark the e-services you have availed from your respective State/UT online government portal *


Social Welfare, Health & Agri Services

Local Governance & Utility Services/Vehicle

Labour & Employment


Fire & Environment


Citizen Survey – Citizen Services Questionnaire

Rate the following for the assessment of e-governance services *

Criteria for Assessment of E-Governance Services

Would you choose E-Governance Services or Manual Services when it comes to cost, time and effort: *

Assessment Factors

Select the reason(s) why you have not availed E-Governance Services *