Key Milestones Planned End Dates
 Launch of NeSDA 2021 Portal 9th June 2021
 Upload of URLs for the mandatory services and main portals by States, UTs and Ministries (Basic Data Entry) 22nd June 2021
 Launch of Citizen Survey in NeSDA 2021 Portal 12th July 2021
 Review and Acceptance of Basic Data Entry by NeSDA Team 29th June 2021
 Provide responses to Detailed Portal / Service Questionnaire by States, UTs and Ministries 27th July 2021
 Closure of NeSDA 2021 Citizen Survey 11th Aug 2021
 Review and Acceptance of Detailed Portal / Service Questionnaire Responses 17th Aug 2021
 Response Analysis and Scoring – Draft Report discussions 14th Sep 2021
 Final Report Submission 28th Sep 2021